Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh no I Fell Down!

Everyday presents a new challenge as a mother and a wife AND a person that tries to hold down a full time job. But there are some days that are much more challenging than lets say the other 364. This was the day-rushing like always to get everyone and myself ready in the morning- I looked out the window and guess what? More snow...Pennsylvania has been usually snowy in 2010. Compared to my entire lifetime of 38 years this year has the most snow I have ever seen. My oldest daughter went straight to the TV-low and behold they cancelled school AGAIN. This always presents me with using my talents to create somewhere for the girls to go so I can get to work on time. Phones rings- its Sally, my Office Manager, who truly appreciates my dilemmas on snow days. She suggested bringing the girls in to the office and they can "color or watch TV" until my husband gets up from working the night shift. I appreciate this idea so much, I haven't ever tried this before but it was worth a shot. We have had so many snow days in our school district this season and frankly I'm running out of my vacation days. Kids are excited to go to my office when I tell them because we have a 52 inch TV in the waiting room and lets be honest-52 inches of SpongeBob is cool no matter how you look at it, right? We all pile in the car when I realize no one ate breakfast-Alexis, my 11 year old, suggest doughnuts but I tell her the roads are too bad to venture off the beaten path so we all decide that we will go to the cafe in my office building on the way in and they can get something. At the office- out of the car, snows coming down pretty fast and I'm fumbling in my purse to find my $20 that I took out of Bob's (hubby's) wallet. The kids are excited and go ahead of me across the parking lot- as I step up the concrete step to go into the building my world changes. I ended up on my right leg on the concrete and as I'm falling, in slow motion I hear popping and cracking of my leg bone. I think of something really stupid-I think if I was in Florida this wouldn't be happening. What a stupid thought when I'm falling. I land and I look up at the white treetops. I can't move my leg to the "right" position. I guess I was screaming that my leg was broke because Alexis ran into the building and told the building concierge, Tina. The next thing I knew a very skinny man with a white lab coat was in front of me saying ,"hold me around my neck and put all your weight on me" Is he kidding, I'll crush him, the skinny man that he was. He kept insisting- so I did-what choice did I have? Wheelchair bound I was parked in the lobby of my building to assess what just happened. I fell down. I fell on the ice and my leg's broke. Tina knelt down in front of my leg and proceeded to pull the pant leg up. No! No! I didnt want to see it, it was broke I was sure and I don't care if it was bleeding. Sally, my office manager, came into view and Lil who works in my office and they ask me about the pain and what I wanted to do with the kids, did I think I should go to the Emergency Room. Im not thinking-my mind is focused on Alayna my 5 year old who had tears trickling down her face. She didnt get her breakfast-someone get her breakfast. Her mother has a broken leg she needs to eat. I must have said that out loud because Lil takes the girls into the cafe and they come out with doughnuts and muffins and a drink. Oh God a drink-im so thirsty. Sally decides that I'm not very coherent and suggest calling my sister at her office which is very close to get the girls. I can hear Tina in the background calling for an ambulance. In what seemed like a minute my sister is in front of me saying she is taking the girls to our Moms and she will call me later. My leg is broke I say to her. She turns and leaves with my girls. Alayna is crying-did she eat?


  1. Too funny Darcy.. now I want to know what else happens... good job.. hope all is going okay.

  2. That is soo funny as much as I hate to say it cause you are in so much pain, but good job on the writing! You made it interesting to the end!! Keep us posted on your leg!