Monday, March 22, 2010

Hurry Up, Marie, I Gotta Get Outta Here!

When they the doctor tells you you are going to be released that day everyone seems to disappear. I have never seen anything like it. No one came in and offered to get me bath water or help me pack my things or even to see if I needed help to the bathroom. I was left to my own defenses.

The nurse ventured in mid morning and said I had to go to one last Phyiscal Therapy session so they could "see me use the walker in the hallway." I was determined that I was leaving. The doctor suggested maybe a rehab center for a week or something like assisted living for a week-"HA! no way was this girl staying in any more institutions. Not after this experience- my arse was going home. I didn't care if I had to get down on the floor and literally slide everywhere- I needed to be at home. I was going!" So there I was at physical therapy literally pushing myself to the brink so that I could get out of that place. A funny side note- many of the physical therapy patients that were there had underwent total knee replacements. There was a man who looked to be in his late fifties and he had his walker and was going all over the room with it and help of a nice young student. She had him lie down on the long wooden bed and he was supposed to be doing 10 leg lifts . She walked away and immediately he began the loudest snoring I have ever heard. It was pretty comical considering the situation we all were in with our strong pain killers and our walkers. I envied him at that moment as to how easy he fell asleep. If only I could do that. I used to be able to sleep standing up. Sleep in the car, sleep just about anywhere, anytime. Those day were gone.

Melissa and Lana my physical therapy girls said that I was about as good as I was getting and when in doubt lower myself to the floor. At least when on the floor there wouldn't be anywhere to fall to. "Okay" was the only response to that I could muster picturing me on the floor of my family room with the heavy leg immobilizer on and no way to get up.

I sat in the hallway for 15 minutes in the wheelchair waiting to be wheeled back to my room. Once in my room, I was left up in the wheelchair to wait on my lunch. My only thought was "COME ON MARIE- get here so I can get the hell outta of this place"

Marie is a co worker that I have mentioned earlier in my postings. She has become my go to girl. She is a Physicians Assistant by trade and she is the absolute best there is as far as her work but she is an even better friend. She offered to come and pick me up at the hospital and make sure I get home in one piece so my husband can get things ready at home for my arrival. She had a meeting late in the day so she couldn't leave to come and get me until after 4 pm. It was the absolute longest wait Im convinced I ever had to endure. 4 hours of mindless afternoon TV and throbbing pain in my leg made for an afternoon I don't care to ever repeat.

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