Friday, March 19, 2010

Are You Trying To Escape?

I wasn't allowed out of bed and that meant the bedpan was my only answer. This presented many challenges. My right leg was splinted up to the hip and had to be elevated above my heart to help with the swelling. To actually empty my entire bladder on the bedpan didn't really work at all. I tried so hard to sit up in the bed on the bedpan but my leg would shoot pain and my foot would turn colors. So I would push on my belly with my hand and eventually the trickling made up a cup or so. Then sometimes It would spill over onto the bed. Then the bed had to be changed. At one point the doctor came in to see me when I was on the bedpan and he started to talk to me and then he said ," why is your pants down around your leg like that? " I told him I was on the bedpan and he said ,"Oh I thought maybe you were trying to escape?" Hmmm I wonder what my pants being down around my legs had to do with escaping? Still not sure but the whole situation was extremely embarassing. On the lighter side it enabled me to avoid the whole foley catheter thing which from experiences in the past is horrific from start to finish. So sometimes things do work out even though your doctor has to see your but on the bedpan.

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