Friday, March 19, 2010

Pull Over I Have to Throw Up!

My surgery was scheduled for 7:00 am in Alleghany General Hospital. This hospital is one of if not the biggest in the Pittsburgh Area and it is also an hour or so away. The nurse from the operating room called on Friday and said I was to report there by 5:00 am on Monday. Are they nuts?-2 hours before my surgery AND not to mention it was at 5 am. Oh gawd I felt sick when she told me. Luck for me, Marie ( a co-worker turned BFF) had offered to take me and I hoped when I told her the time she wouldn't back out because with Bob taking care of the kids and my Mom not being able to drive in Pittsburgh traffic I wouldn't know how to get there. But of course Marie stepped up to the plate once again and pulled into the driveway at 3:45 am Monday morning. Marie, at this point, has reached the top of my will. If I die today she will receive everything I own. My Mom also had decided to go which was a good thing she did. She said if something happens someone from the "family" needed to be present. I guess she's right but it didnt make me feel at ease. We chit chatted on the way down and with each mile passing anxiety started to get the best of me. "What if I never wake up? What would happen to my kids? What if I cant walk again?" All the terrible bad talk was swirling through my head and finally I asked Marie to pull over and I got sick. In a way dry heaving released all the anxieties of the morning. And when I got back in the car I knew I would be able to make it the rest of the way. Sheesh- knee surgery and I act like this? I have a deep sympathy for the all the patients I scheduled for Open heart Bypass Surgery and asked them to be there early in the morning. I am never ever going to look at surgery scheduling the same way again.

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