Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Ambulance Driver Was HOT!

OK-so I'm in the ambulance on the most uncomfortable stretcher ever made. I look around an I actually see an axe behind a glass case beside actual axe and a fire extinguisher. Why is there an axe in an ambulance? Thoughts are swirling in my head- OMG they could cut my leg off with that axe. Fleeting thought but none the less- I thought it. A teenage boy plops down beside me. He has curly hair under a funny tossle cap and sparkly eyes. " Mrs Miller I just need you to answer some questions". UGH- he called me Mrs Miller which means he thinks I'm OLD and he also thinks I'm the same as all of his other patients and this is going to be a boring ride to the hospital. Then I remember someone put a white towel around my head before they took me out to the ambulance in the cold. Oh God I have a towel around my head and mascara all over my face from crying. The cute ambulance guy is looking at me and only God knows what he is thinking. Slowly and inconspicuously I pull the towel off my head. Wish I had a mirror-wait no I dont.
I say a dumb thing ,"sorry I caused so much trouble for everyone this morning." Then he says," thats ok! I was just sitting around playing video games anyhow" I almost laughed out loud because this gave me a clue as to how old he actually was. Maybe I actually AM going to be ok, after all my hormones are acting up in the ambulance while my leg is throbbing in pain with every turn of the road. I almost don't recognize myself.
He says his name is Nick. Of course why not-a cute name for a cute face. The ambulance makes a quick sharp turn into the hospital and I shriek out with pain involuntarily. Nick doesn't look at me with this outburst , he is on a cell phone talking to the hospital dispatcher now. I hear him describe me and my injury to the hospital. "38 year old female ( well at least he knew that I was a female) with a fall on the ice. Injury to her right leg-stable vitals"-BLAH BLAH BLAH! OW! My leg hurts in every place possible. But all I can think of is Nick at the beach with me frolicking in the water. God help us all!
He and his other ambulance boys pull me out of the ambulance still on the horrid stretcher. They put that stupid towel back on my head. I pull it off immediately as I get pushed into the Emergency Room. Everyone seems to stop what they are doing at the Nurses Station as I go past and they turn to look at me with pity on their faces. I recognize quite a few of them because of my past employment with the hospital. I could crawl in a hole. On his way out I say " thanks for everything, Nick." Then as I'm left in the room by myself to wonder-other than the ride to hospital what did he really do? And it occurs to me-he did the best thing he could've done in that situation. He was a great distraction in what would've otherwise been a utterly horrific ride to the hospital. So thanks for everything, Nick. I hope your sparkly eyes distract someone else in their time of need.

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